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Being the first monopoly company in the history of Kerala, who for the first time started manufacturing and marketting Hijabs in 1997, a huge set up where the cotton yarns transform into modest clothing, the founder K.A. Mohammed following the idea of his late mother Safiya Kunnil Abdullah, had envisoned the future prospects of the business. She was the one who came up with the idea and he was the one who made it into reality which would have been impossible without Allah Subahanahu Wa Ta'ala s Will. Alhamdulillah, meharhijab, soft cotton arabian scarves was accepted whole heartedly by the womenfolks and it became a successful beginning.


It was then in the year 2000, joined a new creative and designer hands of his life partner, K.A. Ruby Mohammed, who started introducing designer models and created magic with the modest clothing, As the name suggests, here begins the fashion of tradition, the genesis of new trends and a she continues to creative success on the urges of contemporary women. It is the love and likeness of the Muslim sisters that helped her in transformation of the concept to Mehar’Arising your Nur, under which it has a design department which creates and develops hijabs using the best technology and craftsmanship to fit with the tastes of the sisters around and is a trendsetters. Whether you are a beginner or prolonged user of hijabs, you would find all sorts of styles with Mehar Hijab and another point she stresses is that Mehar’Arising your Nur is the step by step approach to complete Modesty.


A concept by a women to the womenfolk through a women is what makes mehar’ arising your nur, unique from all other brands.